So, why now?

I’m not a writer, though I secretly wish I was. I don’t have free time, but I openly wish I did. I like my privacy, but I’m starting a blog. Why? And why now?

Here’s why. My kids and I have been telling stories about things I think are funny or amusing or interresting about growing up in Minnesota, traveling and living in North Carolina. I find that each story reminds me of others, and that those most distant are beginning to get a little hazier. And I don’t want to forget–for my sake and for that of my kids.

Here’s another reason. My Mom passed away a few years ago, and I wish I had written down some of her stories (the good ones I remember I will put into this blog at some point). Those stories are a part of her legacy and my stories are a part of mine, so I want to get them down before they fade.

Finally. I am not a writer, but I do like to write. Who knows, maybe if I write enough I’ll get inspired and actually write a real story someday. Unlikely, but you never know. I have a few projects and business ideas that are lined up before that point, but a little writing practice can’t hurt.

So, stay tuned whoever I’ve shared this with (see, already ending with a preposition–told you I’m not a writer). We will all see how this evolves together.